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ERG Environmental Services focuses on minimizing the liability associated with hard to recycle and hazardous wastes through the application of the regulatory framework to all of our processes. These practices have earned ERG Environmental Services credibility for being the most innovative, comprehensive and respected in the United States. Now, we're taking this focus and bringing it to Canada.

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  • Capable. Responsive. Innovative

    For over 25 years, customers have been going to ERG Environmental Services with an array of issues - small, large, complex, dangerous - and everything in between.

    We're now bringing our knowledge and expertise to Canadians. You're going to enjoy cost effective hard to recycle and hazardous waste solutions and raised waste management standards in Ontario.

    From full service recycling, disposal and storage to comprehensive hazardous materials management and transport; ERG delivers solutions and capabilities quickly, cost-effectively, and with obsessive safety and professionalism.